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300 x 600mm Series. Quads had improved our wall tiling technology that will allow home owners to easily DIY our Self-Adhesive Tiles (SAT) to their walls and kitchen backsplashes easily without any wet works required. Thus helping owners to save their costs, hacking and general work hassles.

300 x 600mm are “Easy-DIY” self-stick material. It is water proof and has high fire and humidity resistance. Quads has a wide selection of designs selections to suit particular needs and style preferences.

Call or PM us 90014455 / email supplies@quads.sg for your new tiling methods needs.

SAT – 300 x 600mm Series

Adhesive Tiles (SAT) – Self Stick with Quads “300×600 series Easy DIY Series QS-DLSD01 & QS-DLSD10”.